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good.dictus's blog

[2010-10-15] Diagnosis: Myxoma


I learned today that I have "myxoma".
This is an email that I sent to all my close family members.

To all my dears,

2 hours ago I returned from volleyball and I had good time - good workout.

Before volleyball, one week after I had the Echo test, I was to see the cardiologist, dr.S who informed me about their findings in my heart.

[2010-10-08] ECHO test


I got a ph. call yesterday. Somebody cancelled their appointment for echocardiogram, so they called me. I agreed to come.

I went to the same laboratory where I had the strees test almost 3 weeks ago. After 5-10 minuts of waiting, a lady - probably a Cardiac sonographer or a doctor trained in cardiology - called me and explained me that the ECHO test would take 20-30 minutes.

[2010-09-20] Stress test


The stress test was a regular one. While being connected to ECG and to blood presure devices I walked slowly on a treadmill, then faster and then even faster. My blod presure was recorded as well as heart beats mesured by several sensors attached to my chest and arms.

When the graphs and other documentation were ready I saw a cardiac doctor - specialist

[2010-09-01] A short history of my myxoma

I am 65. For several years I do have, from time-to-time, "funny" feeling in my chest. Together with my family doctor, dr. V, we tried to figure out what it could be. Heart? Stomach? Lungs?

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