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O Šípkovej Ruženke

Nora Linhart, Vladimir Bezruc, Svetlana Bardos, Peter Ottis, Marika Kubinyi, ... poznáte ich?

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North Shore Theatre for Children

Sure, I know them all. And I am proud to be part of this team. One in training, not yet as briliant as rest of them. Three years ago, after watching for two years what they are doing from distance, I joined in. People in this group are extremely creative and bring to Canadian young and adult audience something magical, artistic, creative and really worth to see. POHLADENIE NA DUSI - GENTLE TOUCH FOR YOUR SOUL. Come see us in end of January in Presentation House in North Vancouver. I am sure you will like it, and doesn't matter how old you are.
Marika Kubinyi - Flavea (Fairy from the Sleeping Beauty)

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