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Our place in the heart of Olympics

The project of the Slovak Representative House (SRH) dates back to 1998 when it was successfully launched and since then it has been implemented at each Olympic Games. SRH is the meeting place for all members of the Slovak Olympic crew, dignitaries of the International Olympic Committee, the Slovak Olympic Committee, journalists, athletes as well as representatives from the field of business, politics, sports and culture.

Two full-service advertising agencies, Black Tea and B.M.A., were given the mandate from the Slovak Olympic Committee to elaborate a complete proposal and perform the implementation of the Slovak representation house in Vancouver 20010, winter Olympic games, which will be held from February 12 to February 28, 2010.

SRH serves primarily for the presentation of Slovakia, at the same time, it is however, a place for formal meetings, business meetings of the sponsors as well as encounters and events of the partners of the project. It also serves as a place for celebrating the success of the Slovak Olympic Team.

Thanks to its excellent reputation is the SRH visited by prominent personalities who attract attention of Slovak and foreign media. The SRH serves as a club zone for invited guests from the field of politics, culture and sports. Nonetheless, it also offers a public zone for all visitors of the Olympics who would like to visit „little Slovakia“ at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

The SRH was officially opened by the president Ivan Gašparovič for the first time at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games and this tradition of celebrity will be also continued at the Winter Olympic Games 2010 in Vancouver.

The winter Olympics is the sport event of the year which will draw the attention of people from all over the world. Each country has a unique opportunity to show the best it can offer. And not only in the field of sports.

The Slovak Representative House at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics will be the base for our athletes, a place for important visits and but also for culture. Concerts, theatrical introductions presented by Cigánski diabli - unique musical band, Milan Sládek, - world famous Slovak mime or unmistakable Radošinske naivné divadlo as well as presentations of Slovak movies, film documentaries and books will be held on the premises of the Slovak Representative House.

The organizers hope that performance of our Olympic team accompanied by Slovak culinary specialties and a wide choice of cultural program will attract the attention of the public and Slovakia will present itself as a modern dynamic country with rich history and promising future.

More information about the buying tickets for SRH and cultural programe you will find on:

I'm glad that England is

I'm glad that England is perfect. I'm glad that they will have no problems whatsoever with their upcoming winter Olympics. I'm glad that they can control the wind, the rain, the sun and the stars. My aren't the Brits awesome...

But wait... it seems that they are a bitter lot despite their perfection. I wonder if they are aware that the vitriol that they are intent on serving up has served no other purpose than to anger a nation that once considered them to be kindred spirits. The $10,000 that I had planned to spend vacationing in Britain next year has gone right back in my pocket. I think I'll stay at home where people are civil. I wonder how many other Canadians feel the same way?

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