1940 - Pohreb p. Calko (?)

This is a picture of my fathers funeral.
I believe it has most of the Slovak people that that were around the area at this time, 1940.
Some that I know are my family Mrs Calko sister Anne and sister Mary.

Others are Mike and Mary Hardja,Steve Manuk Mr. And Mrs. Hurney,Mrs.Duray, Mrs. Budai, Mrs. Gerak, Steve Manuk, Mr. and Mrs. Hudak, Mr. and Mrs. Potma Mr. Kester, Adila McKita, Piskorik, Mr. and Mrs Onderko, Andrew Skurla, George Skurla, Mrs Manuk, Mrs. Fechko and probably a few others if someone said their name.

I will be giving a copy of this picture to Helen Morgan When I get one made. Hope this will be of some help to you in idenifing some of the old Slovak people that lived in and around New Westminster in that era.

Joe Calko
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