Myxoma Diary

A myxoma is the most common primary tumor of the heart in adults. Myxomas are usually located in either the left or right atrium of the heart; about 86 percent occur in the left atrium. Myxomas are typically pedunculated, with a stalk that is attached to the interatrial septum.

One of our members had been diagnosed with this tumor and decided to create this Myxoma Group.

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Possible Myxoma

Hello! My name is Dawn and I just found out that I could possibly have a left atrial myxoma. I originally went to have a CT scan on my kidneys because I have kidney stones. My test results showed that I have a lump in my heart which scared me to death! When I went to the cardiologist, he listed to my heart and said everything sounds fine and said my EKG came out normal. He ordered a blood test and echo but I do not go back to see him and find out the results until the end of November. My question is IF I need to have surgery; how long is the surgery and how long is the recovery period? I keep being told that open heart surgery is the last resort, but from what I'm reading open heart surgery is the only way to take care of this condition.

I had open heart surgery to remove my myxoma

Hi, Dawn, have you had your echocardiogram yet? FYI, I had open heart surgery to remove my left atrial myxoma, and recovery, both physical and emotional has been challenging. I hope your echo was clear.

my myxoma surgery was Dec. 3, 2010-nerve entrapment pain-ouch!

Hello, I had a 4x4x2 centimeter left atrial myxoma, with surgery on 12/3/10. It's about 7 months out now, and I am having a follow-up echo later this week.
Lately, I've been having a lot of nerve entrapment pains, so severe, it's like lightening moving across my chest! I was wondering if anyone else has this type of residual pain.