[2010-11-15] Angiogram schedulled

Nov 15

Hi Everyone,
Here is an update on the latest health news :)

What: Angiogram
When: Friday Nov 19th at 9am
Where: VGH - Jim Pattison Pavillion, Main Floor - go to Admitting
Other Info:
Time spent @ VGH will range 6-9hours
Will need someone else to drive home
Do not eat or drink after midnight
Bring any medications that you are taking to Angio appt

Dad to go for another blood test before then/asap, requisition is being faxed to lab on Lansdowne Dr.

Some info on what an Angiogram is:

Handout that Dad will likely get when discharged:

FYI - when dad got off phone we weren't clear whether it's no eating or no eating/drinking after midnight, I tried to call back to the lab but couldn't get through so I called Karen (Dr Cook's administrator) to clarify and she asked when he is scheduled for and "has made a note of it".

Nov 16,

Another couple of links about angiograms to check out:



Yesterday I was for the blood test.
I visited the lab on Lansdown but there were too many people and the "atmosphere" was tense and nervous. So I asked them to give me fax they received from VGH. They gave it to me without any problems.

With the fax I visited a lab on Gordon. They took 3 containers of blood out of my vein :)

I feel good.