[2010-11-18] Pre-admission docs, angio & Dr.R.

Hi Everyone,
ok, latest update...

Karen from Dr. R's office called dad today - I will relay what she said in point form :)

* wanted to ensure that angio is indeed tmw and wanted to know what time - said that Dr. Cook wants to look at it
o we're not sure what that means, whether he will be around or if it will emailed to him or ?
* she is currently preparing the pre-admission documents
* Dad to expect a call on Mon/Tues from "VGH pre-admission clinic" to book an appointment with the clinic
o this will be a longer ~2hr appt where they take an xray, he meets the anesthesiologist, nurse, etc. and will have the surgery explained in further detail
* when dad asked when he can expect surgery, her response was that she can't say for sure, but that it won't be next week. She said she was prepping all the documentation for surgery next week but that Dr. R is busy next week :)

Mom and I are hanging out in Vancouver tomorrow while Dad is getting the angio done That's all the news from Coquitlam for now!

Thanks K... this is really helpful info. I'm glad to see that the myxoma team is moving forward! :)

I'll be thinking about you all tomorrow - I'm just a phone call away - either at my cell or at work.
Thank you all for your support.