Academic and pastoral activities

For 24 years, he was a Professor of Dogmatic and Pastoral Theology at INSERM, where he was also a Secretary for many years and, later on, also Rector and President of the same Institute.

In 1974 he was chosen by the friars as their Minister Provincial of the Franciscan Conventuals in Malta. Something curious: he happened to be the youngest Provincial worldwide.

At the end of his mandate as Minister Provincial, in 1980, he was named Parish Priest of St Paul s Bay, where he remained until 1986.

For the period of seven years, after terminating his mission as Parish Priest, the Archbishop of Malta named him as the his Delegate for all the male and female Religious in Malta ( 1988 to 1995). He worked intensively (and still works) for the spiritual welfare and for the spirituality of the cloistered - nuns and friars - of different Religious Institutes.

On April 13th, 1995, the Archbishop chose Father Elias as the President of the newly created Diocesan Commission on Occult and Satanism, and indicated him, as the head of exorcists, one with other three members. He still presides ongoing meetings with the other exorcists in Malta and in Gozo. His ministry is being recognized by many other Bishops abroad.

He worked for many years on several committees and commissions with the Archbishop at the Curia. For many years he was a member of the Archdiocese s National  Commission for Catechesis.

He is a member of ACT (Association of Christian Therapists – U. S.)
He is the Spiritual Director of the Presepisti Association, in Sicily (Italy).