My country is Slovakia

I am here today to tell you a few interesting things about the country that I come from. My country is very young. Actually, my country is 2 year younger than me! It was made on January 1, 1993. My country is in the middle of Europe. Poland is above us, Hungary is below. Ukraine is one side, and Austria is on other side.

Tourist love to visit us and see the Danube River, Spis Castle, the biggest in Middle Europe, hotsprings, and our beautiful cities, like the capital city Bratislava. Also, they come for ... my favorite, of course ... skiing in the High Tatras Mountains.

Our food is also great to try. One of our best national foods is “bryndzove halusky”. This is delicious pieces of potato mixed with some special sheep cheese, and wonderful bacon. Many people drink žincica with this. It is a drink made of sheep milk.

My country makes cars and electronics for big companies like Sony, Volkswagen, Samsung and Kia. Did you know that my country makes the most cars for people, in the world! Also, Canada is happy to know us, because we give them so many great hockey players!

Our flag is made of 3-colored lines: white, blue and red. These represents harmony and independence. In the middle is our special symbol. It shows a double cross on top of 3-blue mountains. The cross shows our history and helps us remember 3-important saints from history: St. Benedict and 2-brothers St. Cyril and Methodius. They made our first language, and brought Christianity to Slovakia. The 3-mountaints show our 3 big mountains: Tatra, Matra, Fatra.

Our flag is very important to us, because it shows our independence, it shows unique identity. We used to be a part of another country, called Czechoslovakia. But since 1993, there was a separation and now Czech Republic is beside us, and we are the country of SLOVAKIA.

Tento preslov predniesol Timotej Oravec pri príležitosti prezentácie slovenskej zástavy v škole CSLI.

Poznámka redaktora: Predstavme si, že máme 18 rokov a že nám treba povedať pár slov o našej krajine a o našej zástave pred publikom, v ktorom možno mnohí nemajú ani potuchy o našom územne malom Slovensku. Ako by sme my opísali našu krajinu s použitím 330 slov? Myslím, že sa to Timotejovi Oravcovi podarilo celkom dobre ...