[2010-09-20] Stress test


The stress test was a regular one. While being connected to ECG and to blood presure devices I walked slowly on a treadmill, then faster and then even faster. My blod presure was recorded as well as heart beats mesured by several sensors attached to my chest and arms.

When the graphs and other documentation were ready I saw a cardiac doctor - specialist

who, after many questions about my blood preasure, about my feelings in chest and after some visual examination, pointed finger to the ECG graph and said that he saw some extra heart beats.

He said that it can mean something but does not have to. He needed to have more information about my blood pressure and about the thickness of my heart muscles.

So, they attached a small portable blood pressure device on my arm to monitor me for 24 hours and put me on cancellation list for echocardiography.

After 24 hours I returned the portable machine and started to wait for a phone call to invite me for echocardiography.