[2010-10-08] ECHO test


I got a ph. call yesterday. Somebody cancelled their appointment for echocardiogram, so they called me. I agreed to come.

I went to the same laboratory where I had the strees test almost 3 weeks ago. After 5-10 minuts of waiting, a lady - probably a Cardiac sonographer or a doctor trained in cardiology - called me and explained me that the ECHO test would take 20-30 minutes.

Laying down, partly on my left side, I saw something moving on the screen. Obviously, it was my heart. "Hold you breath, breathe normally", those were instructions that I heard from the lady taking the test.

Recording real-time sono-video changed with snapshots of my heart. For those who would like to know more about echocardiogram (or cardiac ECHO or simply an ECHO) see e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echocardiography.

After finishing the ECHO test she asked me wait because she went to consult with dr. S., cardiac specialist, if everything was ok. I did not pay too much attension to it. It looked mormal to me. She returned and said, it was ok.

It was Friday, when I usually played volleyball, so I rushed for my 2 hours of playing an intensive volleyballwith middle aged players.

When I returned home in the afternoon, my wife told me, that they called from the dr. S. office to book an appointment for the next Friday, Oct 15, to discuss results of the ECHO test.

Being "confortably" tired from the volleyball, I did not have any suspicion about the results.