[2010-10-22] Booking a CT scan of heart

After spending the last weekend with "heavy" research of myxoma, we built-up an urgency of doing "something" about it.

Dr.S said that he would make an appointment for me for angio, we wanted to have it as soon as possible.

2 days ago my wife called the Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) to see if they received the booking request for angio. They said "No".

Today she called again and they said that a CT scan of my heart had been scheduled for November 3, 2010.

The sense of "urgency" that had been built in our family "forced" my daugther to seek for other options to have the CT scan earlier. She found out that the CT scan could be done in a private clinic almost immediatelly if we would pay $2,600.

I decided to follow an "ordinary" route, i.e. to wait for the appointment on Nov 3.