[2010-10-21] Email research - Dr. R.

Hi Everyone,

Getting to be friendly with surgeons all around. :) I wrote to dr. R today and he too wrote me back!!!!. Here, below, is his response.

I will call Karen his secretary tomorrow (office hours are 9-4pm) to ask how long CT results take to come in from VGH and based on that book an appointment with Dr. R. Mom, if you are the one who booked dad the CT scan at VGH, can you call me / email me and let me know who you talked to? It may be good to also call that person to ask how long it takes for results to reach the surgeon
so we don't make the appointment for Nov. 4th if results take a few days to get there.

Talk to you soon!

M - secretary of the myxoma team :)

Response from dr. R.
hi m,
thanks for your email.

i'll be happy to meet with you father as soon as the ct scan is done. i can understand your concern that he have his surgery done asap. certainly that would be our hope. i can't give you an exact time, as it depends on a number of factors. perhaps we can talk about it at our meeting?

please call my secretary, karen, to arrange a meeting soon after his ct.

R., MD

my original email:

Hi Dr. R,

I am taking a chance writing to you to hopefully get some more information about my father's upcoming myxoma surgery. My dad met with Dr. S. last Friday and found out that he has a myxoma attached to the intaartial septum and anterior mitral valve leaflet, 32mm by 42mm in size.

He is 65 and Dr. S. is strongly recommending surgery. Dr. S.
shared that he has referred my dad to you for surgery and that he has already been in conversations with you.

From the research that I have done, this condition and surgery is really rare and there seem to be indications that "immediate" or "fast" surgery is needed to avoid fairly serious complications. We are feeling quite anxious to find out more details about the speed with which we can anticipate the

At this stage my dad is scheduled for a CT scan at VGH on November 3rd. Will you be in contact with my dad prior to that, or do you need to see the CT scan results prior to a meeting with my dad? Provided that surgery is the way to go after the CT scan, how quickly do you anticipate that surgery would go? We're trying to get a sense whether we're looking at days, weeks, or months.

From the research we have conducted, it seems like it shouldn't
be a very long wait - and I wanted to confirm this with you.

Any information or insights are hugely appreciated, as we try to come to terms with this reality and figure out the next steps.

Thank you very much in advance Dr. R.