[2010-10-29] Go for blood test

A phone call from dr.S. office asked me to go for a blood test that was necessary for the CT scan. A request form had been sent by fax to a near medical lab. Test instructions asked for "Serum Creatinine eGFR".

A quick look at Wikipedia explained that this blood test is used to asses kidney function. eGFR stands for "estimated Glomerular filtration rate (eGFR)" and describes the flow rate of filtered fluid through the kidney. There is a complex theory behind eGFR see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renal_function

My email:
Hello team,

I got a phone call from Dr. S. today.
The receptionist told me that it is necessary to go for a blood test (she said "blood work").
She also said "rather sooner than later".
She gave me a choice of 2 labs in Coquitlam, I chose one and she sent a request by fax to that lab.
She did not tell me (and I did not asked) what is the reason for that test.
Later, I called the lab, they confirmed they received a fax request, I visited the lab, they took some blood from my vein and I went home.
I also asked for a copy of the "fax request".
It says: "Serum Creatinine e GFR"
Some information about "Serum Creatinine and GFR" can be found at

It looks like they check if my kidneys are ok or not - but it is only my guess.



Thanks for the update.
Here is what I found about the creatine blood test. I highlighted a section in yellow which would in my assessment be the reason behind the blood test. :)
See you in a bit!

How is it used?
The creatinine blood test is used along with a BUN (blood urea nitrogen) test to assess kidney function. Both are frequently ordered as part of a basic or comprehensive metabolic panel (BMP or CMP), groups of tests that are performed to evaluate the function of the body’s major organs. BMP or CMP tests are used to screen healthy people during routine physical exams and to help evaluate acutely or chronically ill patients in the emergency room and/or hospital. If the creatinine and BUN tests are found to be abnormal or if you have an underlying disease, such as diabetes, that is known to affect the kidneys, then these two tests may be used to monitor the progress of kidney dysfunction and the effectiveness of treatment. Blood creatinine and BUN tests may also be ordered to evaluate kidney function prior to some procedures, such as a CT (computed tomography) scan, that may require the use of drugs that can damage the kidneys

Oci, thanks for the updates and Mer thanks for digging around!!

Good info!

yesterday I had an appointment with a cardiologist for myself (just a consultation that I had been waiting for for a few months - heart is all good! :) and I asked about myxomas and this is what he had to say, all pretty much what we had heard already:

1. Myxomas are rare.
2. Myxomas are benign.
3. Very lucky that it was found.
4. There is only one treatment: surgery.
5. This is a routine, straightforward, safe surgery.


Thank you S.,

Purely theoretical question:
How go points 1) and 5) together? :)



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