[2010-11-09] Questions for Dr.R.

Hello team,

Here is compilation of the questions for Dr. R. as of this morning:
· Has the myxoma grown since the echocardiogram?
· Since this is a rare operation, what are comparable heart surgeries to removing the myxoma?
· How risky is the heart surgery? How comfortable are you in conducting the surgery?
· How long will the surgery be?
· When will the surgery date be?
· If date is farther away...why is the surgery that far off? What risks exist between now and the surgery?
· How long can you (dad) expect to be in the hospital for?
· How should we prepare the house for post-surgery? Will you (dad) be able to go up-down stairs right away?
· Should there be any activity restrictions either before or after surgery? For how long?
· What are possible complications of the surgery?
· How long will recovery at home be?
· Here are some statements:
1) Myxomas are rare.
2) Myxomas are benign.
3) Very lucky that it was found.
4) There is only one treatment: surgery.
5) This is a routine, straightforward, safe surgery.
· How goes 1. and 5. together? (similar to questions above )
· What is a higher risk to have serious health troubles
- to live with my mixoma, or
- to go for surgery
· I would like to know “technical details” of the surgery

See you later