[2010-11-10] Meeting the surgeon, dr. R.

The whole family went to see dr.R. We had questions prepared for him and my daughters, my wife and myself asked them in "random" order.

Dr. R. was a gentle and cofident man. He explained us that he could not tell us if a less intrusive operation would be viable because it depended on status of my arteries and veins around my heart. He recommended an angiogram that would imply what type of surgery would be necessary.

He also offered me to sign a "Consent" for a medical/surgical operation (for a surgery) and for an administration of lood products (blood transfusion) if necessary.

It was not easy for me to sign this consent, especially because I did not feel to be in a 'critical' condition that would require a surgery. I openly asked my wife and my daugters what was their opinion. They were in a unison consent - "go for it".

If you are a member of this "Myxoma Group", you can read the full text of the consent I signed. It was a standard form with a description of specific procedures.

At the end of our meeting dr.R. recommended me to take daily 1 aspirin and to stop playing volleyball for time being. It was funny that the worst part of my condition/situation was not to play volleyball ...