[2011-01-13] 7 km walk (10% jogging)

Being encurraged by Dr.R. yesterday (you can "push it" a little bit more)I went today for a "faster" walk toward La Farge Lake, 2x around it, and back. It was, altogether, ~7km. I tried also to jogg short distances (20-50m) and then to continue walking.

Here is a map. Distances are in miles and feets (imperial system):

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Here is the same map but the distances are in km and m (metric system):

Zobraziť na väčšej mape

Dr. R. asked me yeysterday if I was feeling better than before the surgery. I said i feeel ok but that I felt ok also before the surgery ...

Today, however, I tend to say that feel my lungs, my heart, my artheries and veins are (kind of) cleaner. I do not know if it is only something like autosuggestion ...

Thank you

I am a 62 year old woman and was just diagnosed with a left atrial myxoma and am talking with surgeons and trying to get a date set. Looks like I will be doing the minimally invasive robotically assisted procedure. This is a scary process. Thanks so much for posting this journal. It's a comfort to read it.

Congratulations Daddy!!

Congratulations Daddy!! Should we sign up for the Vancouver Sun Run already?